Tim Ferriss’ my Life Experiment: D is for Definition (Day 3)

Without a name it’s hard to put things into action since there isnt a defined goal. It’s not rocket science, working backwards from the main goal and creating milestones is an obvious way to do it. I’ve only done this when I have encountered myself in a bad situation. This time time will be the opposite, will plan for success instead.


My worst nightmare could be I run out of my current funds without a successful product and I lose my current recurrent clients and need to start looking for a 9-to-5 job.

I can get a remote job to repair the damage momentarly since I speak Spanish and English I can find a way even if its doing support.

If things work as expected it will be a great income and self-esteem boost, to build things in a different way and made it to work.

What I fear the most is that if i don’t do everything myself the quality won’t be good enough, I also know for a fact that I run away from stress and rejection. Even if its rejection online I give up easily and should press on more.

I think it might be costing me more emotionally than financially postponing action, I know the key points I should do to delegate and get the projects that I’ve been postponing done the way I expect them to be. A rough estimate is that I’ve lost at least $50,000 not doing a $500 investment in hiring someone to do some specific work.


I want to be as transparent as possible on this experiment even if it requires some personal figures.


I’d like to own a Rolex Yacht Master which is around $12,000. It will cost $1,200 per month since I can get it on a payment plan without raising the price.


I’d like to be fluent in Portuguese it cost $0 to practice on Duolingo everyday, be able to keep a conversation with a Brazilian without much difficulties.


Travel to Dubai and stay at the Burj Al Arab cost $5,000 which is $416 monthly.

Target Monthly Income

My monthly goal with a 30% buffer is $1,190.90 or $40 daily which doesn’t seem impossible to reach. Since its a one time purchase can be had in 6 months for $80 daily. If I add my personal expenses I need to generate $125 daily.


(1) Find a watch dealer and see how much it actually cost, (2) Find a place where I can talk with Brazilians and (3) Make a trip bucket list.

(1) Try it on and see if its available, (2) Contact locations and find possible pen pals and (3) Find prices for the desired adventures.

Day After
(1) Decide on size and color, (2) Learn opening phrases that I can use to practice, and (3) Reserve ticket.

As an additional exercise I’ll try to ask for a discount on everything I buy and talk to a stranger everyday as a comfort challenge.

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