Vue.js is easier to learn than jQuery
Anthony Gore

I’m no expert but I’ve taken a few jQuery tutorials (more for fun than anything else) so I get the basics… seeing that Vue code is exactly what you are saying about jQuery to me, “It looks simple, but consider that’s only because you’re viewing it with your experienced developer eyes. Understanding what that code is doing is actually pretty tricky”

I can get it, but that’s because I already know js ok-ish. and I’m making a few assumptions about what a new Vue is/does.

As for Vue’s “solutions”

1. maybe/probably, I haven’t actually used jQuery (let alone Vue.js) to know

2. “An obvious link is made between the data property counter and the DOM node where it’s rendering.” — no more than with jQuery as far as I can tell… you’re still referencing by the word “output” even if it’s not longer the id of the element but rather the content of the element with some special syntax. edit: ah, now I see, it’s using just counter not counter and output. My mistake. But the fact that I even made that mistake shows that I equated the two and didn’t even realize it so not really a big deal for me lol At least not in this overly simplistic example.

3. if you say so… I haven’t seen any of that.

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