Identifying past, current, and possible future locations through the geolocation and chronolocation of media provided by a specific user.

This case study is based on a challenge from well-known entrepreneur, John McAfee, to show how relative geolocation of two points on a chronological timeline can give a likely path and possible locations in between.

To do this, two geographical points will be used, categorised by day, to geolocate a photo that was taken between those two points.

This research post is split into the following four sections, in this order:

  • Point B (the photo to geolocate)
  • Point C (where the subject is traveling to)
  • Point A (where and when the subject started the journey)
  • Geolocation analysis of the Point B…


Benjamin Strick

Open source researcher digging for data. Loves dogs. Lives in a binary box at

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