Meet The World’s First Jihadi Cryptocurrency Crowdsource Site On The Dark Web: SadaqaCoins

Benjamin Strick
Aug 23, 2018 · 4 min read

One mujahideen crowdsourced project allows you to ‘anonymously’ fund Jihadi snipers buy buying them a 4x4 pickup, optics, or rifle — all on one dark web marketplace called SadaqaCoins.

“Never will you attain the good (reward) until you spend (in the way of Allah) from that which you love. And whatever you spend — indeed, Allah is Knowing of it.”

That is the opening line on the banner of SadaqaCoins, the world’s first cryptocurrency crowdsource platform on the dark web for Jihadi fighters and anyone who wants to ‘anonymously’ fund them.

What makes this tech-savvy jihadi activity more interesting is the fusing of technology between cryptocurrency crowdsource financing (revealed in the past) as well as dark web marketplaces.

SadaqaCoins operates on the dark web, where a tor browser is needed to access it through its onion link (sadaqabmnor4ufnj.onion). An archived mirror of the site can be viewed here.

What are the jihadi crowdfunding projects?

What makes the site interesting is that not only is it a way to directly fund jihad activity and, as seen with Al-Sadaqa, and Malhama Tactical through cryptocurrency, but it is a platform for “various projects from the Mujahidin, Muhajirin and Ansar, along with their associated financial requirements”, according to their site.

The page promotes “mujahideen projects” for interested people to browse, much like what Kickstarter would for tech enthusiasts.

When they find their ideal project, the “donor may choose to contribute with Bitcoin, Monero or Ethereum (more cryptocurrencies will be accepted in the future, if Allah wills)”.

For instance, in the image above you can see one of the projects “We Hunt”. It is explained on the page as:

This project aims at equiping already trained and experienced Snipers with much needed equipment and resources which will inshaAllah be employed in either training exercises or combat operations in the near future.

What exactly does your cryptocurrency donation buy you may be asking?

It could be a 4x4 pickup vehicle, a .50 bolt action rifle, silencer, camera, wind reader, optics or ammunition. Each with its own explanation and price tag.

On SadaqaCoins Twitter page, the collective claim:

“The believers now have the opportunity to advertise and support the latest projects. A considerable advantage (over other platforms) is that it our service is anonymous and secure”.

As we have seen in the past, bitcoin donations are not so anonymous and can, in certain circumstances, be revealed using open-source information.

As policing agencies increase their skills in investigating cyber-crime and cryptocurrency tracing, more investigations are proving that donations and purchases can be traced using this data.

As the group is only quite new in their crowdsource development, they are also requesting donated assistance to the SadaqaCoins project.

They currently have the means of accepting bitcoin payments, as well as Monero payments. Both have a public ledger, where Bitcoin exchanges can be traced on the blockchain, while Monero’s explorer allows hashes to be explored, but not addresses.

These payments are to go towards items such as a tor server to expand their tor onion site, an intel laptop, hardware cold wallets for secure cryptocurrency storage, and to pay for translation work for the site and services.

All of these you can see in the screenshots below from their project.

As the group is still in its infancy, there have been no transactions made on its lead donation bitcoin address, which currently has USD$0.

However, I will be looking at this one with a close eye, as will many others.

I am open to any questions you may have about conflict crowdfunding and its emergence with future technology trends, as we are seeing more of these developments, and should learn how to read, research and act upon this information.

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