If you’re to believe Trumpists are just dumb racists, you must also believe that it’s just a coincidence that Trump’s support lines up almost perfectly geographically with the shattered ruins of a once thriving industrial economy. That’s another mighty big coincidence.
Are Trumpists (Just) Dumb Racists?
umair haque

Actually, only about 24% of those eligible to vote, voted for the Orange Oligarch and with households averaging $74,000 in income – far above the poverty line, his lines of support were the majority of counties in the country. Dumb? I don’t know – ignorant and afraid – yes. Studies have indicated that it was indeed racism that was the most likely reason Trump got a vote. His exploitation of entrenched Antebellum ideology – of racism and White Supremacy was as obvious as it was evil. This has been GOP strategy since the Southern Strategy – Trump just made it easier to be overt with hate.