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And … Fascism.

Seems the alt-right likes to play games like little boys. And the pious hypocrites pontificate about made made up morals. All dream of a non existent gilded age. Where men were men – more specifically Christian White Men were Men.

They are simply cowards – can’t speak to women so they are misogynistic. Fear them because they represent reality – humanity isn’t about hate, it’s about community and equality – both words are enemies to fascist movements.

The power sought by these Neofascist movements on both sides of the Atlantic is about White Supremacists fearing everyone that doesn’t conform to their sick hate.

Human history has from the beginning been based on the simple premise that the quest for power and the comfort of identity (which necessitates the companion of fear of the other) leads to the downfall of society. Fascism and religion are intertwined, fascism and religion are part of human nature. And I write that with a tear for humanity. Fascism is ultimately a religion of reality – an alt-reality – both divine and fascist religions offer a savior and both offer their own demons.

This is a truism that can clearly be seen when you open your eyes – religion and fascism share many of the same components – in fact fascism is just political religion and worship of an earthly god.

It begins on page one of the figurative book of human history … with death – death had to be explained because we feared it. And, what could explain death? It was of course the first gods humanity created. Those gods explained what could not be understood – humans longed for comfort, protection and solace. These gods had the power to provide all of this and those of us that were vessels for those gods preached their will upon the group we lived with – and those that preached these words took the power of those gods and that power was intoxicating.

Soon that group that heard the preaching and was comforted by it, identified as followers of those gods and that preacher continued espousing divine words to his flock. The preacher told his followers what the gods wanted inorder to provide for an afterlife that would be heavenly and the preacher was given anything he desired. The followers of that preacher identified with the gods and soon that preacher controlled those followers. An identity was created – religion was all that mattered – it was everything.

With identity cemented, the followers came upon others that did not know of these gods and did not subordinate themselves to the gods or the preacher and they were castigated – they were the other.

Thus, the origin of religion was the unknown, fear of this unknown was explained by a story – the fear was assuaged by that story but the fear had to be replaced – we, as humans, are always afraid – the other took its place. The other is a historical basis for hate.

Hate and fear leave us vulnerable to tyranny – the first tyrants were religious fundamentalists. Fascism preaches fear of the other – hell has been replaced by a literal hell on earth and this hell has its own demons. All tyrants use human nature to take power and historically religion provides that power – fascism is another form of religion – history has shown that religious indoctrination controls. Fascist religion is a set of rules that must be followed or punishment ensues. Fascists punish with an earth bound hell – religion offers hell after death.

Religion and fascism both destroy free thought, set rules, create order and require worship. Propaganda is used in the same way and for the same reason. Fascism is the religion of party, of identity, of now – religion affords an unquestionable answer, so to does fascism. Follow the rules or die – follow the rules or be punished for eternity. Nietzsche (a fascist himself) opined that “God is dead” – fascist hell hath no fury regardless; for fascism exists in the here and now.

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