Could this case possibly convene more unnervingly stupid people?

Exactly — mens rea is required — meaning criminal intent necessary — this was purposeful murder of Terence Crutcher.

Mens Rea refers to criminal intent. Moreover, it is the state of mind indicating culpability which is required by statute as an element of a crime. See, e.g. Staples v. United States, 511 US 600 (1994). Establishing the mens rea of an offender is usually necessary to prove guilt in criminal trial. In doing so, the prosecution must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the offense with a culpable state of mind. Justice Holmes famously illustrated the concept of intent when he said “even a dog knows the difference between being stumbled over and being kicked.”
The mens rea requirement is premised upon the idea that one must possess a guilty state of mind and be aware of his or her misconduct; however, a defendant need not know that their conduct is illegal to be guilty of a crime. Rather, the defendant must be conscious of the “facts that make his conduct fit the definition of the offense.”
If a statute specifies a mental state for an offense, courts will usually apply the requisite mental state to each element of the crime. Moreover, even if a statute refrains from mentioning a mental state, courts will usually require that the government still prove that the defendant possessed a guilty state of mind during the commission of the crime. For example, the Supreme Court of the United States instructed that federal criminal statutes without a requisite mental state “should be read to include ‘only that mens rea which is necessary to separate” wrongful from innocent conduct.’”
Mental states are usually organized hierarchically by the offender’s state of blameworthiness. Generally, the blameworthiness of an actor’s mental state corresponds to the seriousness of the crime. For example, the Model Penal Code organizes and defines culpable states of mind into four hierarchical categories: purposeful, knowing, reckless, and negligent. Thus, a crime committed purposefully would carry a more severe punishment than if the offender was merely reckless. The Model Penal Code greatly impacted the criminal codes of a number of states and continues to be influential in furthering discourse on mens rea.
Although mens rea is a required element for most crimes, it is not for strict liability crimes. For a strict liability crime, it is sufficient for the prosecution to prove that the defendant committed the wrongful act. Therefore, a guilty state of mind is irrelevant to a strict liability offense. Examples of strict liability offenses in criminal law include possession and statutory rape. Many commentators criticize convicting defendants under strict liability because of the lack of mens rea. In contrast, the prosecution may applaud the relief from the burden of proving criminal intent.

She — Betty Jo — Southern Belle — killed because she premeditated the act of killing without justification. Her intent was homicide — murder. Snuffing out the life of another with intent to do so.

Anything less prosecuted isn’t discretion it is reprehensible White Supremacist Ideology — an overtly systematic part of the criminal justice system — as apparent as the sky is blue and as hypocritical as the Alt-Right, Neo-Nazi, Neo-Confederacy that would be out to lynch him if the opposite occurred.

In this case it’s her INTENT to portray herself as the victim — weaponizing societal bigotry to benefit her defense. The defendant is attempting to use her status as a White, female cop to brandish the alt-reasoning that she didn’t mean to murder. If this were a Black man that killed her he’d be remanded without access to any possible jurors to taint but now her deluded racist inspired defense can pile on the horrifying alt-reality of her suffering via alt-reality TV and minimize the murdered man and his and his family’s real victimization — their real suffering — all those days lost without him that have been and will be. While she whimpers he’s 6 feet under. All this reprehensible, racist alternative fact is aided and abetted by the state which has chosen to not use the full extent of “law and order” because of the amount of melanin.

She has created and further victimized societal division for her benefit — it’s her part in this show and her victimhood is an easy part to play in this disgusting society but we lest not forget she’s the criminal — a homicide committed by a whitewashed cop on a PR tour to discredit what was an obvious MO to kill a Black man on purpose and for no reason.

This is evil but not surprising in the good ole boy America of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III and his drug war revamp, consent decree backtrack, forensic lab debauchery to imprison more of those he’d like to still be slaves with his sick, carnal lust of Antebellum ideology — worship of Jesus and guns but nothing else in the Constitution especially the 1st, 5th, 6th, 8th, 14th and his desire to destroy the 13th with the illogical devotion to the 2nd as purveyor of “law and order” for him and his kin — not to mention any right to autonomy which only he and the South shall have to break from the Union again and to be born again bigots — to codify Biblical idiocy while continually demonizing the non-existent Sharia insanity to dehumanize the other.

The White, female cop didn’t have the modus operandi to kill the Black man with intent, why? Because society didn’t intend it — the same society that has put Christian White life on a pedestal while the rest is what the Alt-AG literally refers to as SCUM.

No Betty Jo your despicable acts pre and post murder are evil.

Terence Crutcher was killed — intentionally so — murdered. His life and his family’s decimated by your sorry ass White Supremacist race baiting brethren of bigotry which you exploit in a horrifying historical resurrection of age old tribal, hateful tropes — you benefit for the same reason he died and still unethically use that exploitation of Antebellum horror to your advantage — rot in jail Betty Jo.