The Trump virus! It’s contagious
And you know this because you are a psychiatrist?
Amber Lisa

I think Trump is what the virus has caused – in my non medical opinion – it was left untreated and became a disgusting Orange boil – the GOP has been infected for a long time (as has all of American Society, just not as sick, as it were, continuing the metaphor) Trump just burst the facade.

The Republican Party’s American Christian White Supremacist Neo-Fascism – the majority of Americans now bend to the beliefs of the evil, hypocritical pious – Capitalist Conmen, Far-Right Christian fascists – born again bigots. Exemplified in the GOP’s pious hypocrisy – EVIL.

Capitalism and religion enmeshed politics – GOP strategy – intentionally exploiting American Antebellum Ideology – the ignorant, hateful masses – got the Nectarine Neo-Fascist elected .

It’s a CON, a CULT – dangerous as a devout, delusional, idiot worshipping a false prophet. Pence, McConnell, Sessions, Gorsuch – epic pious hypocrites – take your pick.

Existential Crisis is swiftly becoming dystopian reality. As soon as alternative facts, fake news, enemy of the people propaganda became normalized, society slipped and the descent into Fascist Inferno wasn’t hyperbole but veracity.

Thus, the end of the Mythology of America began with a pathological liar putting on a show. That show began years ago and has not stopped — it culminated with Trump riding his golden escalator down to await his flock of ignorant sheep.

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