The Nazi, Spencer, is a fool —

Factually inaccurate about everything, his entire world view, that of the alt-right, is a delusion, a Nazi fever dream. He openly mocks the Holocaust, slavery, all minorities and cheers for the enemy that “his” country fought and destroyed during WWII. And, with that victory came the sacrifice of so many American lives, which he obviously finds humorous as well.

  • He should take a walk on the beaches in Normandy, visit the graveyards, see the rows and rows and rows of graves and then go to Auschwitz and see where his Nazi forbears committed the most heinous of crimes, he should continue his tour back across the Atlantic chained to the bowels of a ship, be treated as less than human, forced to do whatever he is told while just wanting to be free, and then spend a couple of days sitting in the Tombs at 100 Centre Street, waiting for his case to be called and then be told he won’t make bail anyway, just for being him, and then he should wipe that smug look from his face — a face that exemplifies evil.
This is obviously the most minuscule sampling of what he thinks is ok to mock, and that in itself is sobering, as I could continue to give examples for days and days and days. It’s his privilege to say what he wants but to incite what he’s inciting, inviting this vitriol into the mainstream, (is surely much greater a sin than burning a flag, a racist dog whistle in itself) and could be illegal.
It is hard to comprehend the level of stupidity spewing from his mouth, but people believe this shit and will continue to do so.

Call out the delusion that is virulently spreading — logic, fact and decency are on your side.