Destination 1984
William D.

This article describes what can only be called fascism – the Republican Party is no longer loyal to American Democracy but only to itself and its new leader – this is how tyranny begins. Party is now more important than country, Trump (the executive branch) is more important than the other supposedly co-equal branches of government. Scapegoating the other has become a daily occurrence. This has been apparent since the day Trump descended the infamous golden escalator.

Since that dark day in American history — non stop propaganda has been espousing from this demagogue’s regime (campaign, than as president-elect and now as the current administration) — the media enabled this by giving Trump ample free exposure and was an epic fail in fact checking his obvious lies and neferaious innuendo.(This a sign of the inherent ethical failure of capitalism) The fact that the media has begun to call his lies what they are now and been labeled the enemy is another sign that tyranny is here. The current obvious enemies – immigrants, refugees, native americans, muslims, blacks, hispanics, jews, the media, political rivals and anyone else that does not conform or look the part is added to this list which will continue to grow. It only stops when everyone conforms – the media doesn’t criticize and the population does what it is told and the other is destroyed.

The espousal of “alternative facts” should send a chill down humanity’s spine. This is done for only one reason. In Nazi Germany the Third Reich had a government agency — the Ministry of Propaganda — the sole purpose being to demonize and control the minds of the masses. This can never be a good thing — as can clearly be seen with an eye to the historical use of propaganda. The assertion that an “alternative fact” is anything but propaganda, is propaganda in itself.