Trump is a fascist.

The espousal of “alternative facts” should send a chill down humanity’s spine. This is done for only one reason. In Nazi Germany the Third Reich had a government agency — the Ministry of Propaganda — the sole purpose being to demonize and control the minds of the masses.

The creation of the other apparent as Trump compares immigrants to venomous snakes, in March 2016, (video below), is what fascist regimes do. The other is a historical basis for hate.

Hate and fear leave us vulnerable to tyranny — the first tyrants were religious fundamentalists. Fascism preaches fear of the other — hell has been replaced by a literal hell on earth and this hell has its own demons. All tyrants use human nature to take power and historically religion provides that power — fascism is another form of religion — history has shown that religious indoctrination controls. Fascist religion is a set of rules that must be followed or punishment ensues. Fascists punish with an earth bound hell — religion offers hell after death.

Religion and fascism both destroy free thought, set rules, create order and require worship. Propaganda is used in the same way and for the same reason. Fascism is the religion of party, of identity, of now — religion affords an unquestionable answer, so to does fascism. Follow the rules or die — follow the rules or be punished for eternity. Nietzsche opined “God is dead” — fascist hell hath no fury regardless; for fascism exists in the here and now.

*Video above — Trump compares immigrants to venomous snakes in March 2016 — this is what fascist regimes do.