Welcoming Death … a short story of a future dystopia.

It begins like this … he awoke one day to find THEM standing outside his house. THEM being the term that was used to describe the President's “Make America Great” force. This force he knew but would dare not utter, was a brutal, murdering squad of henchman always wearing red with bands around their arms depicting the new “God King” that had been elected under tense and seemingly tenuous circumstance. The President himself questioned the legitimacy of the election soon after it was over and continued to do so after inauguration; of course this challenge only served to elevate himself.

Now he knew it would never be like it was, never again would he be able to walk down the street, talk on the phone, use the internet in any form without being monitored by THEM. Never again would he be free – if he ever was – freedom of course is subjective.

Nothing existed in the new America that was not “vetted” by the government – facts were meaningless, the new term “alternative fact” quickly coined by the government to discredit media, created an alternative reality — one that ironically the President had depicted throughout his campaign, at his party nomination speech and again at his inauguration.

However, a literal hell, a Nazi fever dream — was now reality, far from the alt-reality the government presently depicted in its propaganda.

Isolating the population from the outside world happened swiftly, and the populous, at least those that remembered or were not swept up in the spectacle of the campaign and already indoctrinated knew this but they also knew not accepting it would lead to their demise.

Piles of corpses lined back alleys in major cities, “Make America Great” camps dotted the country in the same way universities once had while media espoused only happiness and contentment with the administration.

The wall on the southern border with Mexico, built years ago prevented refugees from fleeing and Canada recently completed its own wall along the northern border to stem the flow. In the distance, from hilltops in Texas and Vermont signs read ¡Viva la Revolución! and Freedom still exists.

He walked out of his house and did not fight THEM, there was no reason anymore, death was now salvation – he understood the religious creation of an afterlife and now he hoped it was real. That was the only hope left – religion as Marx said, “was the opiate of the masses.” He longed for what the devout had always believed to be gospel but consciously he knew darkness awaited – however that darkness was far more serene than the brutal reality of the present. As he knelt down and one of THEM lifted a machete, he closed his eyes and heard … “hello darkness my old friend.”