Hey Benjamin.
Remy Anne


You should work for Trump with the semantic salad of meaningless nonsense you chuck in an attempt to convince me that what I’ve written is wrong. This is called gas lighting.

With all due respect, now you’ve insulted my intelligence. Your article is most certainly about extremism — the fact that you ignore and/or don’t understand my point is as obvious as the sky is blue. You choose not to acknowledge, that as I wrote in my initial comment, the GOP is a Fascist Christian party. And as I wrote “since at least the Southern Strategy” it has been this way — thanks for telling me that Wallace used to be a Democrat — you’re a history buff like Alt-POTUS who enjoys opining that Lincoln was a Republican — did you know that? So, why do you ignore that I wrote “since at least” — I’m not going to write an essay about Antebellum ideology in the United States. Obviously, you’ve chosen to retreat with your courageous anti-comment proclamation. That in itself is troubling for any journalism entity. Even Fox News and Breitbart aren’t as principled as you.

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