Here’s the rub. Neither the alt-left nor the alt-right is actually representative of the two main parties of the American system. The traditional values of the Republican party don’t necessitate racism and sexism the way that one would believe given the current climate. Fiscal conservatism isn’t antithetical to minority rights. And the politician the alt-left rallies around isn’t even a registered Democrat. Which would be completely fine, were it not the Democratic party they were trying to restructure.
The Alt-Left And Alt-Right Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin
Remy Anne

Wrong — as I have already written above. This is what passes as news? This is journalism? This demonstrates a fundamental ignorance of history.

The GOP’s Christian fascist flock have been indoctrinated to pray to an all powerful, invisible, omnipotent being — to follow its rules or burn in hell. The Jesus myth like all others was created to control and abuse the weak — it still is — transcendent hypocrisy — which roars with Trumpian bombast.