Though he’d built up a formidable support base and by most accounts was the “front-runner” for the preceding several months, his campaign was stalled in part by a billionaire-led whisper campaign that cast him as an anti-semite. Was there any necessary connection between that eventuality and the bomb-threat scare? It’s of course impossible to identify any kind of direct causality. But it’s not terribly shocking that bogus anti-semitism allegations were at that time especially salient
Whatever Happened To That “Surging Anti-Semitism” Narrative?
Michael Tracey

Your entire article is anti-Semitic and this specific part bleeds with anti-Semitism and the multiple millennia of the Blood Libel.

Just because the JCC bombings were not carried out by what you deem an anti-Semite – and you obviously have no qualification to do so – does not mean it was not an anti-Semitic attack and does not mean it wasn’t inspired by Trump. You have no grasp of logic.

Israel has Neonazis. Israel has self hating Jews – just as every oppressed and non oppressed group does. Guess what Israel is a State and Jews are people many not living in Israel – just because one is Jewish does not mean one agrees with Israeli policy and that goes for Israeli Jews and Jews from around the world. Are you American? Do you agree with all of Trump’s policies? Well asserting that a Jewish person from NY agrees with all Israeli policy is an even greater logical fallacy.

And I must say that Bibi, one of Trump’s most loyal followers has more in common with far-right movements than with the majority of American Jews and many Israelis (newsflash not all Israelis are Jews)

Yes, there can be anti-Semitic Jews – Jared Kushner is a prime example. But most likely this was just a sick individual. To belittle what were anti-Semitic attacks whether caused by Trump’s actions – explicit or implicit – or not – is reprehensible and anti-Semitic in itself.

Maybe you should read up on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion before you so flippantly write drivel like this. And start with some reading that doesn’t support your propaganda:

I believe that Ellison was smeared as an anti-Semite and I am sure he is not one – just as I am sure you are one.

And there are many more articles that concur with the one above but obviously you are a great reporter and read through them all, right?

You should read the below (full disclosure one is mine) – I have listed many and there are many more but because I’m not so convinced about your journalistic integrity or skill I listed a lot (this is a tip – you can follow a story without a link) – did my comment above give it away?

None of it has been picked up and run with by the main stream media as you assert like the JCC bomb threats – another obvious coded anti-Semitic trope.

None of this is normal and Jews have a right to be afraid as do all that don’t conform with sick White Supremacist norms.

You sir are an anti-Semite and your magazine should be ashamed of the squalor it allows to be published – I will be sure to contact your editor and publisher and register my complaints.