The Axis of Violence

Institutionalized racism is being strengthened, not tackled, when people riot in response to a police shooting. Riots strengthen the bond felt within each opposing group, and further the divide beyond repair. All of the stereotypes that form the basis of each ideology get etched in stone, thus leading to further instances of police brutality, and so the storm rages on.

The protesters raging uncontrollably, and law enforcement galvanized, as two polarized forces collide.

Images of a militarized police force circulate — a dystopian move no doubt — yet, I’m left feeling somewhat numb. Desensitized to the sight of tanks rolling on streets — and understanding of the climate police officers find themselves in — as the status quo gets further entrenched, and poor people get further downtrodden.

Behind the scenes, corporations make outrageous sums of money from the sale of ‘obsolete’ military equipment to police forces across America, whether directly or indirectly. I say this with no hesitation: It is in their interests that people riot and ergo, that innocent people are shot dead — and for that to happen, an institutionalized culture of intolerance must exist. There must be an enemy: and that enemy must have a face.