What Everybody Ought To Know… About Personal Branding.

When The Brand Is You The Stakes Are Higher!

Be distinct or become extinct.

If you can’t get the attention of your market you’re just another speck in the crowd, part of the average and part of the many.

  • Remember: that each of us is a brand and how successful our brand is — whether we are a market leader or just a “me too” product — depends on how well we position and differentiate ourselves, how effectively we package and position our attributes.

A well built personal brand will help you attract more attention from the kind of people you want attention from.

  • It will make you worth talking about.
  • It will set you apart from competitors in your niche market.
  • It will help you develop some notoriety.

Brand and market yourself like your life depended on it!

  • Be Yourself
  • Identity Your Core Values
  • Create A Mission Statement
  • Know Your Customers
  • Create A Positive Brand Experience

Remember, the consumer decides what the brand is.

Establish who you are before others do it for you…

  • Be specific. Select a niche in a market with no saturation. If you want to be known for everything you’ll be known for nothing! By selecting a niche you can gain the necessary visibility in order to achieve success. If you don’t take a niche, then people won’t know about you.
  • Own it. Brand yourself before someone else does it for you! If you don’t start controlling your online perceptions, then you will be judged solely based on popular perception. The more social profiles you create, the more power you have over perception.
  • Be consistent. Be good at what you say you’re good at, then make people think you’re even better. You should constantly get your name and expertise out there, so you become the top-of-mind in your niche. If your attitude and your output contradict the way you’re aiming to position yourself, your real positioning (the way your brand is received) will change.

Every encounter with your audience is an opportunity for branding, whether you like it or not those you come into contact with are judging you.