You Can’t Lie to Me, Mr. Press Secretary.

An open letter to White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

Dear Mr. Press Secretary,

Today, while briefing the press, you said that Hitler “was not using the gas on his own people in the same way that Assad is doing.” Your words, not mine, no paraphrasing here. You did say that. There’s video of you saying it. Do you not remember? Perhaps. It seems that many of you White House people are suffering from memory loss recently; perhaps it’s contagious. You later clarified this by admitting that Hitler did use gas in the “holocaust centers.” Speaking of which, what is a “holocaust center”? I’m only familiar with the “concentration camps,” not sure if you’ve heard of those.

So, now, regarding your first point: Hitler, let’s just get this clear, killed somewhere between six and eleven million innocent people, many of them because they were Jewish. Hitler killed innocent children, just like Assad did. So what did Hitler not do that Assad did? How was Hitler better? I don’t know, you tell me.

Oh, maybe you are trying to say that Hitler didn’t gas people? Because that’s not true. Most of the people killed in the Holocaust were murdered in gas chambers. That would seem to count as “gassing” to me.

Oh, but perhaps you were trying to say that Hitler wasn’t using the sarin gas that Assad seems to have used to murder his own people? Because that would also be false. While it is true that sarin wasn’t the only gas used by the Nazi régime, let us not forgot that the Nazis invented sarin gas. And even if the Nazis had never used sarin gas, that’s like saying that a murderer who stabs somebody to death isn’t doing what another murderer did because their knives are different sizes. Give me a break.

Oh, but perhaps you mean that Hitler wasn’t killing his own people. After all, he wasn’t murdering good old pure-blooded Aryan Germans, was he? Fuck you. The Jews and other victims of Hitler’s genocidal behavior had just as much a right to live as anybody else.

Mr. Spicer, it would seem to me that what you’ve said is beyond reasonable explanation. You can’t lie to me about what the Nazis did. I know better, and so do millions of others. To genocide, we say “Never Again.” Let’s not minimize what Hitler did. Assad and Hitler both have wrought murder upon the people of their own country. That’s just the simple truth.


A concerned citizen,

Benjamin Glasner.