Hi Max. I am a Trump supporter.
Rick Clayton

You may not know it Rick, but you are in fact a racist if you believe that certain races are more intelligent than others.

You claim to have graduated from a university or at least are still enrolled, but I think you still need to take a statistics course, because one of the fundamentals rules of statistics is that correlation does not = causation.

Just because test scores are lower among African American and Latino populations does not mean that they are less intelligent as a race. That’s called a correlation between test scores and race, but the causal variable isn’t “differing intelligence levels,” (which is just lazy statistical analysis) the causal variable is “systematic oppression of people of color.” Because of oppression and discrimination against PoC both historically and today, PoC tend have access to fewer economic opportunities. And financial status is MOST DEFINITELY correlated with quality of education.

Think about it. Poorer neighborhoods tend to have lower quality schools because of limited economic resources available to that community. That means that poorer students in those neighborhoods will not be given the same opportunities to grow academically as their more well-to-do counterparts in richer communities, and their learning and ability to perform on standardized tests will undeniably suffer.

In other words, your claim that test scores reveal superiority of whites over non-whites in intelligence is incorrect, and what those statistics actually reveal is what you refuse to admit, that systematic racial inequality and oppression still exists in the U.S. today and is a huge problem.

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