In less than 5 weeks, my book WILLPOWER DOESN’T WORK will be published.

This weekend, I’m giving away lots of bonuses to people who pre-order the book.

If you pre-order 1 copy, I’ll give you 2 online courses:

  • one about how, where, and when to write in your journal to upgrade your psychology and achieve your goals
  • the other online course details much of the latest science on how to transform your identity, build an elite network, and become who you want to be

If you pre-order 10 copies, you’ll get the 2 courses listed above, you’ll also get:

  • Influence and Income: which is a DEEP dive online course detailing ALL of my strategies for building an online platform.
  • There is several hours of training on the psychology of viral headlines
  • We go deep on how to do landing pages, what give-aways get the most email subscribers
  • How to turn your blog into passive income
  • How to launch products
  • I even give you a copy of my book proposal for WILLPOWER DOESN’T WORK, which got me a $220,000 advance. I was able to write this proposal because I paid Ryan Holiday a good chunk of change to teach me how. I give you my proposal and also do a training on the key components to build your own epic proposal.
  • And lots, lots more.

You can access these BONUSES on this page!

Most important, this book will actually help you change your life.

Ready to Upgrade?

I’ve created a cheat sheet for putting yourself into a PEAK-STATE, immediately. You follow this daily, your life will change very quickly.

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