You won’t have the same friends 20 years from now.

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In 20 years from now, you won’t be the same person. You won’t care about the same things. The question is: Who will you be in 20 years? And what will you care about then?

According to research done by Dr. Daniel Gilbert at Harvard, it’s uncommon for people to spend much time imagining their future selves. Instead, people assume that who they are now is who they will always be. This is not only faulty thinking. But it leads to bad decision making.

As Gilbert states:

“At every stage of our lives we make decisions that will profoundly influence the lives of the people we’re going to become, and then when we become those people, we’re not always thrilled with the decisions we made. …

How many directions is your brain going right now?

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In positive psychology, a “flow state” is where you’re “in the zone,” fully absorbed in whatever activity you’re in. You lose track of time and you’re fully present.

Being in “flow” is crucial to high-performance and creativity. It’s crucial to being happy. It’s crucial to social connection.

And here’s the truth: You can live your entire life in flow. It turns out, being in flow isn’t that big of a mystery.

There are many “flow triggers,” such as being in various types of environments, having short deadlines, having high consequence for failure, etc.

One Outcome At A Time

“Wherever you are, make sure you’re there.” — Dan Sullivan, the founder of #1 entrepreneurial coaching program in the world, Strategic…

“Set it, and forget it!” — Ron Popeil

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Alfred North Whitehead said, “Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations which we can perform without thinking of them.”

Becoming financially successful requires producing better results without consciously thinking about it.

One such strategy is literally automating a certain amount of money that goes from your bank account into an investment account, weekly. It doesn’t matter the amount you start with. Here’s what will happen, though:

  • Because that money will not actually sit in your bank account, you’ll pretend in your mind it doesn’t exist
  • Your income will adapt to whatever amount you set
  • You’ll adjust your expenses
  • Overtime, you’ll have invested a huge amount, which you would have spent in less effective…


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