Are You Aiming At The Right Thing? The Paradox of Flight

Last week I woke up in someone else’s body. Living someone else’s life. Thinking someone else’s thoughts.

It isn’t that I am unhappy or discontent, I am actually happier with my life than ever before.

The problem is that I am aiming to low. Or rather I am aiming at the wrong things which fails to align with my Ultimate Aim. The one I was put on this earth do. The purpose I was meant to live out.

The Story We Weren’t Told

The story of Icarus is one that we have all heard. Icarus, being an someone who aims too high, tragically falls from grace by failing to listen to his father’s advice…

“Don’t fly too close to the sun.”

However, what we fail to remember is the other piece of advice that his father gave him.

“Don’t fly too close to the water.”
In other words, don’t fly too low.

In his book, The Icarus Deception, Seth Godin illuminates this overlooked maxim and channels the true meaning of the “other side” of the story to inspire enrollment.

Not enrollment as obligation, but enrollment as purpose.

In my opinion, there are three takeaways from this story that can have a profound impact on your life:

  1. The obvious and much discussed lesson to stay humble by not flying “too close to the sun.”
  2. The overlooked, but supremely important lesson that you should never aim too low.
  3. The metta theme that flight isn’t even worth it if you are aiming in the wrong direction.

At the moment, I find myself having ignored the third lesson. Flying in a wrong direction at an aim that is misaligned with my purpose.

My wax has not melted nor have I failed to even take flight by aiming too low, but to maximum the return on the investment of life, I must correct course by aiming more effectively.

Are you aiming at the right thing? If not, when will you start?