You Must Take The Leap

The constriction.
The angst.
The teetering; back and forth.
This way or that way.
This life or that life.
Questions create questions.
Fear of choosing the wrong path and missing

Lately, I have felt this overwhelming constriction that has planted me firmly in complacency. The tug is toward something bigger, greater. A life with more depth, meaning, and purpose.

At the same time, the worry that I may choose the wrong path kicks in and keeps me from advancing toward anything.

The back and forth leaves me on the fence.

I fail to settle into where I am, finding the beauty and depth here and now, while also failing to take the leap forward without knowing if I’ll grow wings on the way down.

Leaving me in purgatory, existing not living.

We must all choose.

Staying is easy.
Leaping feels irresponsible.
But simply existing is death.

Let us all move an inch close to the ledge. For we all know deep down that it is in leaping that meaning is found.