A new short documentary about HAX and Shenzhen

I finally found the time to translate and subtitle the NHK piece that came out last month. I only kept the 8 minutes or so covering HAX (the other parts — an extra 40 minutes or so — talk about Makeblock, a very successful HAX startup doing STEM robots, fundraising with Shenzhen Capital Group, a US$30B Chinese fund.

Watch it here.

As I cut some parts, I had to adapt a bit the translation to clarify a few things. It was an interesting exercise. I hope it makes sense for first-time viewers!

Last: it was my first time subtitling a video and while the YouTube editor is easy to use, it has the massive drawback of… deleting everything if you want to make any change. iMovie doesn’t have great subtitle formats (none I could find, at least) but it does the job.

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