Setting Up An Alexa Device In Hong Kong (or other non-Amazon country)

Benjamin Joffe
Jul 16, 2017 · 1 min read
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I bought an Echo Dot recently and when I brought it back to Hong Kong, Spotify wasn’t showing up in the “music” options, and the clock was wrong. Frustrating.

Unfortunately I did not take not of all the steps precisely, but I remember:

Going to Amazon Alexa website:

Settings > General > Device Location > [and address in SF]. I think this is the key one for enabling U.S. default services (like Spotify). This will also mean the default location for weather will be SF too, but it’s better than no Spotify!

Settings > Device Time Zone > Asia / China Standard Time (Shanghai)

Settings > Language > English (United States)

Settings > Measurement Units > Temperature & Distance > Metric

I installed the app on my phone too, which is useful on occasion.

What do I order the device to do? So far:

  • Play some jazz
  • Play [speficic song / artist]
  • Alarm
  • Seven minutes workout (much more convenient than with a phone)


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