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Customer commitment to a channel not only means increasing business performance, it is also seen as a route to creating, building and increasing business-customer relationships Pagani& Mirabello. Today, the client seeks to have more access to offers and to have more facilities as well as quick answers from companies Callahan,, who must listen, understand and respond to their clients to improve their relationship, increase Their sales and increase commitment and support in the community Britton. Hassanein& Head. On the other hand, the evolution of technologies offers customers an entertaining social experience, as well as giving them more and more power over companies Matthews,, Ramsay, and Strugatz. Customers will be important in an innovative context and in the development of new service offerings Khansa et al.

Therefore, the value of social networks should be quantified buy instagram account in relation to the value of the client, and To manage this technology should be those who know the customers the best sales and marketing personnel Lipsman et al. In any activity within social networks, clients value trust very much, which can be transferred in the trust they have during a sale transaction in these media Han& Windsor. The more trust a user has, the more likely he or she will be to pay for a service or product Han& Windsor. But the use of social networks is not limited to the search for products and services, Williams et al. affirm that customers use social networks to feel that they are part of a company and a community.

Based on this premise, the incursion of a company into these media should not interfere with user profiles Friends, Fans, and Followers,, since the value created in these networks will be useful for the Enterprise, client and community in general Khansa et al. More than in any other industry, customer decisions are heavily influenced by the internet and more specifically by social networks almost two-thirds of travelers use some form of this buy aged gmail accounts technology Beck,, Ragone. These redefined the customer service experience Callahan,, changed the way in which customers look for services and the way companies look for their customers Earls,, making advertising through Social networks are notable Friends, Fans, and Followers. Those companies that do not use these means, will miss an important opportunity to reach their consumers. Although a third of clients in this sector expect to receive advertising Callahan,, a better virtual experience and a higher degree of customer satisfaction should be offered beforehand Ramsay.

Teuber,, because in this sector Companies can win or buy gmail accounts pva lose a customer when selling, searching or making a reservation Sheivachman. In the hospitality sector, these means are an essential method of communication and interaction with customers Callahan,, for example, when making purchasing decisions, clients prefer to rely on acquaintances or friends than in traditional publications Watkins, And if the user’s commitment to content is high, he will share his experience with more people Pagani& Mirabello. While it is an essential means of communication, the staff of this industry must understand that they will not be able to control the messages they send as they used to, since today customers decide what and how they receive their messages Feiertag. Companies in this sector should also ensure that their websites do not stagnate or wear out, for this they must talk continuously on social networks Bentley, and not only respond to clients who interact with the company.

Buy Youtube Accounts Pva

But rather Create a constant interaction with all its users to achieve continuous growth Stagg. Firms should try to create a degree of loyalty in two directions Thomas, and not be prepared just to talk Bentley. On the other hand, ease of use and simplicity of a social network will influence the user’s experience Lipsman et al. Shooner,, Turban et al.,, since good experience and relevant content can Targeting traffic to the website and being a strong indicator of use Pagani& Mirabello,, not attracting any potential value through social networks would be a loss of opportunities and resources to connect and collaborate Andzulis et al. The marketing staff of hospitality companies should ensure that customers want to talk about the content shown Pardee,, Teuber. It is advisable that it be innovative to be able to differentiate itself from the competition and generate an impact Earls, and that the published topics are easy to share discounts, offers, etc.

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