To be or not to be

When you’re talking to someone and they tell you they’re thinking of trying something new in their life, or that someone is pushing them to do something different, what’s your response? Do you try and tell them reasons they shouldn’t do it? Or do you try and encourage them, even if they’re uncomfortable or unsure, because maybe it could be a good thing for them? Whichever of these you do, it speaks greatly towards your character.

When you tell someone why they shouldn’t do or try something, what are you really saying? Are you wanting to raise them up? Are you trying to help them become a better person? Or are you trying to drag them down and make them be and do what is convenient for you?

I don’t know about you, but one of the mantras for my life is to push people. Push them to be more, to be better, than they are. Even when it makes them uncomfortable. Especially then. Push them to become everything they can be. Help them, and if you can’t, then encourage them. If they fail, or a situation doesn’t turn out, then at least they tried. If they succeed, they move forward, they grow. A special kind of fury starts burning in me when I see others dragging people down. It’s the very reason that our world is failing right now. And it’s wrong.