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My grandfather left us on March 20th 2020. His name was Beniamin Israel Varon. He lived to become 95 years, surviving the Second World War and the Sowjet Regime as a Jew in Bulgaria. He passed away without many of his family or friends being able to say goodbye to him due to the Corona lockdown. Many in his home country will remember him for his deeds, his thinking and his writing but few know about him outside of Bulgaria.

Angel Wagenstein, an author and screenwriter and a childhood friend of my grandfather, wrote these wonderful words a few days…

Mystical creatures are currently being used to describe successful and apparently not so successful or struggling tech companies.

If unicorns represent billion dollar startups, we should establish the phoenix as the creature that represents a company that did a successful turn around and rose like a phoenix from the ashes.

Benjamin Mateev

Life-long learner. Building products @microsoft. Formerly @wunderlist

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