Thanks to the glorious advent of streaming, it couldn’t be a more convenient time to discover and enjoy music. Through services like Apple Music and Spotify unlimited music is available virtually anywhere for a fraction of what it would cost to buy a new album in 1997.

While streaming is undeniably convenient, it comes at a price. As of January 2018, Spotify reported that it paid $0.0038 per stream. U.S. …

Lauren Evelyn is no ordinary student at Georgia College. Since she picked up a camera, she had a talent in capturing the intricacies of her subjects’ personalities in a single shot.

Evelyn is currently hard at work on the most demanding project of her college career: her senior capstone. We had the opportunity to interview Lauren about her photography style, her upcoming art show and how her photography confronts body and identity insecurity.

Can you tell us a little bit about your upcoming show?

Part of the art program at Georgia College requires us to create a project that is…

Student Director Mary Moccia. Photo courtesy of Mary Moccia.

Student Director Mary Moccia will be presenting a performance addressing controversial themes as a part of Directing Scenes April 7 at the Black Box Theatre.

Director Mary Moccia is producing and directing a scene from “The Happy Sad”, which tells the enriching story of two homosexual men struggling to find their sexual identities in an open relationship. “The scene addresses themes such as identity cultivation and sexual confusion,” says Moccia, “which is something many young adults experience.”

There is anticipated excitement for this particular scene, which is rumored to evoke a plethora of gasps from the audience. Those in the…

Benjamin Monckton

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