The vote yesterday was about democracy not Brexit.

I do not like the way the leave vote is being declared the “will of the people”. Let’s be clear. This was a close vote. 17,410,742 people, that’s 51.89% of the turnout of 72.2% of the electorate of 46,502,241 people voted out. That’s only 37.44% of the electorate that actually voted leave. The total UK population, including those not registered/eligible to vote is approx 65,000,000. So in effect, only 27% of “the people” actually voted leave.

The supreme court decision yesterday wasn’t about blocking Brexit. Let’s just get on with it, get out and see what it’s like on the outside.

The vote yesterday was about maintaining a democracy. We do not live under a dictatorship. In 2015 the Conservatives under David Cameron received 11,334,576 votes in the general election. That’s 24.37% of the current electorate or 17% of the total population. That was a Conservative party led by a man who immediately resigned after creating this mess, we have not yet had the pleasure to understand just how many votes Theresa May’s party will get.

If you therefore have a problem with the Supreme Court vote, I would question that you may continue to find living in a real democracy not the best choice of political system to live under. I’ve heard there are some great dictatorships out there to get involved in!