Super Bowl Ad 2017

  1. What is the ad about? Briefly describe it.

Adidas break free ad that was aired during the 2017 Superbowl, is about an older man probably the age of your grandpa. He is shown in some sort of assisted living home where he seems to be treated poorly. Throughout the whole ad he is reminiscing about his times running track and ends up training himself again. As he is training himself, he does pushups and pullups, runs up and down the hallways, and does crunches too. After multiple days of training, he starts to try and run out of the retirement place and finally the caretakers take away his shoes. The other older folk in the home saw this ad did what they could to get him another pair of shoes. Once they did that they created a huge scene so he could run out of the house and go home. The last thing shown is the Adidas logo and break free.

  1. What is the ad’s target audience and tone? (Humorous, mysterious, sentimental, inspirational, etc.)

The audiences target for the ad was older, more elderly people. It was trying to show and give off the sense that even though someone is old, they can still be just as active as they once were, even if they are in an assisted living home.

  1. At what point in the ad is the company identified, and how?

Its company is not identified till the very end when the logo appears and says break free. The only other time the company could have been identified is when the shoes of Adidas are shown, problem is that the shoes are hard to tell exactly what brand/kind they are.

  1. Does the ad tell a story? Does it have multiple acts as defined in narrative structure (exposition, rising action, climax, falling action/resolution)? Explain how it does or doesn’t.

The ad completely follows a story, starting with the old man reminiscing about his old day, then finding his shoes and training, followed by multiple attempts to leave, then getting the shoes taken away/getting shoes from the other people in the home, followed by more training, then finally running and breaking out, and ending with him running home and breaking free.

  1. Compare your ad to a similar ad (same brand from a previous Super Bowl, ad with a similar theme, etc.): What do you think is the main factor that makes your selected ad more successful?

Adidas actually has used this model before with the style of ad they produced for the super bowl. Due to the success of the first ad they ran, they kept the same theme and style. That’s why this ad is so memorable because it strikes home with so many people of an older audience.