Benders and Back Pain Don’t Mix

It’s been a rough 2 weeks. I destroyed my computer in a moment of profound idiocy featuring a broken bed, an inauspiciously placed glass of water, and some bedroom company. Worse yet, my thinking of “I can sleep off this back pain” backfired when I decided to go drinking rose and dance under a disco ball for 9 straight hours. The back pain, as a result of my booze fueled disco adventures, decided to punish like my mother would in high school. The next day I was spared of any back pain to deal with my terrible terrible hangover. It was the day after the hangover that my back, like my mother, inflicted its punishment.

It was miserable. I woke up at 6 AM due to discomfort, and was in too much pain to even attempt some yoga. I hit a new high of discomfort that would linger into the next day (Monday) crushing my ability to get any work done.

I hear you back pain, message received.

As I continued my research, I stumbled upon the idea of how inflammation increases the pain in the body. Turns out the back is a primary victim of inflammation and to no one surprise, one of the ingredients to cause massive inflammation is excessive drinking. I’ve since put down the bottle and focused on anti-inflammatory measures. The biggest of which being Turmeric.

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Turns out turmeric is the Shangri-La of natural anti inflammatory substances. I promptly got myself a bottle of pills, and self prescribe a daily dosage. This plus fish oil pills in the morning, minus alcohol in the evenings actually led to some major developments. I’ve, at last, begun trending upwards. Pulling resources from body builders and MMA fighters on recovery means, I’ve learned my healthy diet changes, implemented solely to look good, additionally primes my body to recover quicker.

The major culprits of inflammatory tissue known as 3 three white deaths, double as food that easily becomes flab in the body. Poetically, the stuff that makes you feel and look good also prevent injury. When I’m finally back in the gym, I’ll be twice as mindful of the effects of diet, workload, an recovery. This idea is what I’ve hitched my psychology to in order to gain from this painful situation, where I once again apply the principles of Ryan Holiday’s The Obstacle is the way.

Message received back pain.