How Medium’s Optimizers Doomed Writers
Pablo Andreu

First off…take my follow. You’ve earned it. Tight, solid writing.

Second, when I started out on Medium last year, I looked at my newsfeed often. Nowadays I don’t bother*. If you have someone who goes all happy-go-clicky on recommends (which I use sparingly) or blowing up comments, your newsfeed looks like Goofy from Disney decided to optimize your list (and it’s annoying. Not a cute awww shucks by any means).

There’s some awesome writers on here that get zero love, and then others who get tons of recs because they figured out how to write to gain views. Many times a writer will get a nibble, gain an audience, and just churn out crap for the sake of consistency. However, quality trumps quantity every time. Remember True Detective Season 2? So does no one else. But here? Shit articles can crack the top 20. And the problem with the algorithm to me is that writers who got an audience shirk the writing craft when they were once talented communicators and storytellers. That’s sad.

Like Normal Earthling beautifully pointed out, you can discover the gifted writers still fighting to be found in the comments. That’s how I got led to this piece…and I’m quite glad I did.

*I still enjoy the editor’s picks button