Not one single thought in there for the people of Iraq — the people you were there to kill, and did…
Tom Ritchford

Tom, imagine for a moment you have a child and that child tragically dies when they stick a fork in a light socket and are electrocuted. I come to you and say “well, if you had been putting safety covers over the sockets, this wouldn’t have happened?How much rage and anger would you feel? While the statement might be true (or not, maybe the child just got the cover off), it’s inappropriate for the moment.

Your comment is the same. This isn’t a piece on war or Iraq, it’s on a human being who lost his battle to cancer and his grieving friends and family. The fact we served in the military sets the backdrop. It’s not meant to be a political piece or to stir up controversy. There are plenty of articles on those topics you are free to jump on and share your views. There’s even a few I’ve written where you’re welcome to do that. Those pieces are the place for that.

Perhaps a little empathy for our fellow humans is in order. We’re all already tearing each other apart, and I don’t want this blog to turn into a battleground over something it’s not intended to address.

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