Guide For Choosing The Right Aluminium Circle Suppliers

Choosing between different aluminum circle suppliers is not always as simple as it may seem at first.

On the surface, aluminum is aluminum and aluminum circles are aluminum circles, right? Get the size right at a good price and this should do it, or so it seems. But no, there are at least several other factors that you may want to consider when shopping for aluminum discs and circles.

1. Aluminum Strength
There are different grades of aluminum which may be suitable or not for the purpose you’re buying the circles for. If it’s too brittle or not flexible enough, it may not serve you well or not serve you long enough. This means that before contacting suppliers, you should determine the exact thickness and strength of aluminum discs and circles you are looking for.

2. Type of Surface Finish
The finish should also depend on the purpose and intended use of the circles you’d be getting. They come in a wide range and variety of finishes. There’s the popular brushed and anodised sheet, used often in kitchen backsplashes above stoves and useful for other applications of aluminum circles where the smooth reflective surface is useful.

3. Flexibility and Pricing
Once you know exactly what you need, it’s time to examine aluminum circle suppliers more closely. One point you may wish to consider is the distinction between getting your aluminum discs from the manufacturer directly or from a supplier who works with multiple manufacturing facilities.

A manufacturer selling their own goods will often have lower prices per volume, since they work with you directly. On the other hand, they may supply larger bulk, which can be a problem if your operation is not big enough for large orders.

The supplier may be able to offer a wider variety of products (by virtue of working with different manufacturers) but the prices will obviously be a bit higher.

What we’d advise you is to approach the manufacturer directly at first and see what they can offer. Chances are a deal can be worked out to everyone’s mutual satisfaction. Moreover, if you need something custom made and the manufacturer makes it for you, it’d cost you less than getting the same custom order via a third party supplier.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly. OD Metals is one of the largest aluminum circle manufacturers in Florida with a wide variety of products and a customer — specific policy.

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