Benjamin Taller

I just want to rant about how ridiculous this whole terrorism thing is.

Every single day I wake up and read all these news headlines about how terrorism is this huge deal and and I read all these messages from Trump about how he is going to be attacking this issue with precision.

Well, I think it’s all a big fat lie.

Humor me.

Wouldn’t Donald be the most obvious and easy target ever?

Why aren’t his properties attacked or bombed? He is blatantly anti-muslim. He is actively doing things to make the terrorists hate him.

First of all, I would like to list all of the things that Donald Trump currently owns (taken from Wikipedia):

Trump Tower

Trump Tower in New York City

Completed/in use

Trump Plaza

In use

Other buildings

Trump International Hotel — Las Vegas, Nevada

In use

Abandoned/never completed

Golf courses


The 18th hole at Trump National Doral


  • Trump International Golf Club (Dubai)
  • Trump World Golf Club (Dubai)
  • Trump International Golf Links, Scotland
  • Trump International Golf Links and Hotel Ireland
  • Trump Turnberry (Scotland)

This is a nice list from Wikipedia; it outlines the vast reach of the Trump organization and shows all of the places where you could go to see Trumps name in gold letters.

Now I must ask if each of these locations has highly advanced security teams in place to defend themselves against terrorism?

Where are the terrorists?
Why aren’t they just destroying Trump properties all the time?

He has a property in Istanbul — seriously! (Trump Towers Istanbul, Turkey)

There have certainly been bombings in Istanbul, but there is no indication they are directed at America or Trump.

Is a link to an actual bombing in 2016 in Istanbul linked to ISUL another extremist group.

All in all, these bombings are very few and far between. They are tragic, yes but the strength of these groups is extremely and greatly exaggerated.

There is no way he is coordinating with the Governments of every single one of these countries to protect his properties from terrorism with a Department of Homeland Security like protocol.

It is pretty obvious that none of this exists at all, and it is fear mongering.

It is racist, it is hateful, it is creating laws and rules that divide us and separate us, and scare us.

Laws that ban good people from entering our country.

We really want our country to focus on how to make ourselves better right?

Why waste time, energy and resources on fear, hate, and the boogieman?

I REALLY like this info graphic:

This shows how much money we spend fighting terrorism so we can defend 1000 people. This money could be used to defend against heart disease instead. It is simple economics. This is insanely stupid.

Anyway, that is the rant. Just wanted to get that out there and see what people think.