Momentum vs. Inertia
Laura Catriona Murray

Hey Laura,

So, I’m a dyed-in-the-wool liberal, so to say the AWL “isn’t my bag” would be about the most gross understatement conceivable. But I am also a big believer in fairness, in evidence, and in putting factual accuracy above beating my political opponents (hell, that is pretty much a description of *why* I’m a liberal). So I just wanted to do the last thing I ever thought I’d be doing while stuck at home ill on a cold November Tuesday and *defend AWL*.

I think by “support for extremist wars” you mean that they aren’t active supporters of the genocidal maniacs Slobodan Milosevic, Ratko Mladic, and Bashar Al-Assad. That’s the closest thing to “support for extremist wars” I can find in their history. They just didn’t support a few genocidal maniacs who the US also didn’t support. Shame on you for this disgraceful smear.

I think by “Uncritical Support for Israel” you mean that they think Israel should exist. Just like Pakistan, a state created out of the same polity (disintegrating British Empire) at about the same time (late 40s) for the same reasons (to give ethnic and religious minorities hated by most of the communities in which they lived a home and a sanctuary). Now, pretty much nobody thinks Pakistan shouldn’t exist (I know a few, but they’re rightly understood to be frothing racists), and the AWL simply extend this reasonable position and logically apply it to Israel as well. They are not remotely “uncritical” and really aren’t “supporters” beyond thinking that the state should exist, which is what pretty much everyone who isn’t an actual anti-Semite thinks. You’re conflating “just thinking Israel should exist” with “uncritical support for Israel” in exactly the same way that the ultra-Zionists do, and for much the same sectarian reasons of smearing people you don’t like by associating them with extremists. Shame on you for this disgraceful conduct.

As for them, and the Jackie Walker clan, and the third group you mention, being rude, disruptive, unpleasant assholes at meetings and caring about nothing more than advancing their own sectarian agenda: Well, I can believe that. I’ve sat in enough meetings with enough people like this in order to know that this is exactly how they operate. However, by deploying such disgusting smear tactics against the AWL in your own tirade here, you’ve shown yourself up to be absolutely no different from them. I’m pretty sure, having read this, that you and “Momentum Right” were just as sectarian, just as exclusive, just as rude, and generally suck just as much as the other three factions you’re pillorying here. I’m sure I could get someone from each of those other three factions to write a hit piece about how they’re the good guys and your faction are the disgusting sectarian edgelords. The way you’ve gone at AWL in this piece paints the exact picture of a Momentum committee meeting I’d imagine: A load of viciously sectarian assholes shouting at each other, then taking to the internet to pillory and smear each other whilst each pretending they’re the one group of decent, open-minded chaps who would never do such a thing, and blaming the sectarian bullying on every other group.

Long may it continue, and fast may be Momentum’s decline into exactly the pit of far-left irrelevance you describe everyone else as apparently wanting it to enter. Just remember, when it does, that with this piece here, you’ve shown yourself to be just as bad, and equally at fault.

Oh, and calling AWL “fanatical support[ers] of the European Union”. That’s just too silly to contemplate. I would have a proper riposte for you on that point, but I think I’ve said enough, so I’m going to parry this “point” of yours with just four words.





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