Questioning a Lifetime of Mormonism
Mike Denny

Hey, bro — thanks for posting. I just have a couple comments: First, basing some assumptions on what material you infer to above, I can say I have likely been exposed to much if not all of it. Despite such, I have confidently chosen the Church and the restored gospel with full faith in its divine origins while acknowledging the weakness and frailties of man even of those serving in prophetic roles.

Second, the keystone of my own personal faith (sorry to get cliche) is the Book of Mormon. There are many humanist attempts to explain its origins, but most of them conveniently fail to focus on the fact that, if it is a fiction, it is a literary masterpiece few if any can compare to; a magnum opus that somehow came out of up-state New York over the course of a few months (translation time) or two and a half years (from the date it was received to when it was published). Sidney Rigdon was a talented communicator, and Oliver Cowdry was not bad himself, but those arguments simply fall flat relative to the genius behind the Book of Mormon.

Lastly, if you still have a belief in a God of miracles, I would highly recommend reading Visions of Glory: One Man’s Astonishing Account of the Last Days. Don’t expect answers to the questions you are actively seeking answers to. Instead, just read it and enjoy it. And maybe even read it again. After the second or third time, revisit your questions and see if you can’t find then what you are looking for now.

Love you, bro. Benjamin.

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