Thank you Japan!

When you talk about the important ‘first movers’ one usually refers to those great minds that are able to see potential and the future before everyone else does.

We are now seeing a few ‘first movers’ on a much bigger scale though. Whole countries are moving first. Japan, Switzerland…an so on. (Feel free to add and complete this list in the comments)

As such Japan is doing a great service for the block chain community which I am very thankful for. Considering myself a first mover with a keen eye that is always trying to strip things down to its basic core to, keep things simple.

Here is the core of what I see in regards to the above mentioned subject:

  1. If you believe in Bitcoin, and the Bulls, you have seen and heard the price predictions. WHO WOULD BUY A CAMERA FOR $904 WORTH OF BITCOIN, IF ONE KNOWS THAT IF YOU LEFT THE MONEY IN YOUR WALLET IT COULD BE WORTH 3 TIMES MORE IN THE FUTURE IF YOU BELIEVE IN IT. You do, don’t you?
  2. Who would accept Bitcoin as a Form of payment on a big scale (260.000 Merchants) if you know that your revenue COULD diminish by 10–30% easily in one week or less.
  3. Whatever your take on the scaling debate of Bitcoin is, you know there is a scaling issue, and you know there is no agreed solution by now.
  4. Will a business that needs to report to investors and does not have the freedom to gamble on the bitcoin price especially in view of the scaling issue really push forward all the way?

In my option Japan has cleared the way for Block chain, but it will be the next best Cryptocurrency that will provide a stable price and can handle the amount of transactions that will take the place of Bitcoin, once they confirmed the system works. Which we all know it does.

Which that currency is I leave up to you. (Add to the comments which one you think it is)

Peace, Love and Hugs to everyone!