Inline code formatting?

If I manually inject <code>tags</code> around some content, can I rely on that formatting to be preserved, or is it just an ephemeral hack?

If you see monospaced words with grey backgrounds in the previous paragraph, then the answer would seem to be yes ! You won’t see anything special if you’re reading this in the Medium app; then again, I’m not entirely sure why Medium has an app.

To enable this nifty power-up, just evaluate the following JavaScript in your browser console (after reading through it, of course — never blindly trust JavaScript from strangers!):

Only time will tell how durable this trick really is, but what’s the worst that could happen? Your code snippets revert to plaintext?

Sashko Stubailo suggests using this Chrome extension to evaluate your own arbitrary JavaScript on any page you visit.

Happy inline coding!

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