BeOnPush, a startup that promises so much

Online since 6 months, the startup BeOnPush has become in a few months a leading investor in the real-time bidding market (RTB) and in various online marketing sectors.

  1. Business model

The core business of this investment is the startup RTB, that is to say, the real-time bidding advertising, automated and targeted areas on the market for global e-pub. In this segment of digital advertising, BeOnPush is a pioneering startup, with a real business model. The benefit that the company derives from the investment in the RTB market is shared daily between contributing members. These make money by investing in a wide range of packages available, there are no pubs to view, or click to do every day.

2. Founder

The founder of the startup, Ferki Demirowski (CEO), graduated from the American College, the Department of International Relations. After graduation, he was hired as advisor to the Ministry of Macedonia, in particular to attract foreign investment. And among others, as the official responsible for investments, the Middle East, Asia, and Turkey. Ferki Demirowski is also the founder of the Think Tank sté in which it is consulting on the NGO sector in Macedonia and in the approach to government or local development funds of the European Union (http: // www.

3. The RTB market a promising sector

BeOnPush, was born from a simple observation, the RTB market is a growth area for developing an ambitious business project. By automating and optimizing the way advertising is sold and adservée, the real-time bidding (similar to stock trading, but with less risk) allows publishers, advertisers and agencies dramatically improve their return on investment.

And the numbers are there to leprouver, the RTB market share (online + mobile) in global spending epub should increase from 8% in 2012 to 26% in 2017, and is in the order of over 18, $ 2 billion in 2018.

Professional communication are all unanimous and speak of a technology advertising via the technologies of advertising space purchase optimization revolution.

From there came the idea to create a platform to gather funds through the equity investment of its members to increase its purchasing volume in advertising investments, giving BeOnPush the ability to obtain at wholesale prices pub spaces and get a higher profit margin for resale.

4. The operation

The contributors make money by investing in packs, the amount is automatically allocated to the exchange of positions on the real-time bidding market. The daily interest is between 0.50% and 3.50%, depending on the rate of the previous day and the profits generated are shared each business day. To test the concept and become active on the platform, you can start investing in a pack from a nominal amount of $ 20 with an ROI of 150%.

With a return on «investment» by 150% in a few weeks depending on the pack purchased ($ 20, $ 50, $ 100, $ 200, $ 500 or $ 10,000) which expires at that time. Each of these packages has come due when they reach 150% of their initial values ​​(ex: $ 20 x 150% = $ 30). But, again, they are recouped daily according to the interests of the day, with a very interesting bonus depending on the investment capacity of the contributors.

Each pack is enhanced with a multiplier. More expensive it is, the more advantageous for the contributor.

. $ 20 = 1

. 50 = $ 1.05

. $ 100 = 1.10

. $ 200 = 1.15

. $ 500 = 1.20

. $ 1000 = 1.30

. 5000 = 1.40

. 10000 = 1.50

Example, one pack at $ 50, the daily profit is enhanced 0.5%, today’s rate is 1.15%. So you paid $ 50 x 1.2 = 0.60%, etc. Packs purchases must be made via a proposed payment processors, namely: AlertPay, Payeer (withdrawals) and to come PerfectMoney. Sponsorship is not mandatory, but it is a real plus.

2 downline level 1 must have an active pack on each branch, you get 13% of the investment of your direct referrals (level 1), left and right leg, and 2% of your indirect referrals (level 2).

5. A special binary

BeOnPush uses a binary system (team bonus) which is particularly advantageous for all and allows us to reach 10% commissions on your weaker leg.

Finally, according to the evolution of «career» in the startup BeOnPush, you will move up and gain status (Novice, Beginner … Senior, Expert and Gold) and the opportunity to receive special gifts at the top of ‘ladder.

6. Why business should work in the long term

BeOnPush is a UK company registered in the UK, with one foot in administrative land in Luxembourg as its CEO addition, as part of his previous activities. It is essential to remember that BeOnPush working with a real business model for the future, that can say that this is a business that should be viable in the long term. With the ambition of its CEO, to become a leader in this market segment since 2018.

If you are really interested and somewhere you want to help me I invite you to join my team.

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