Meditations on Colour: Or, How To Make The Most Of A Boring Treehouse Course

Over the last three months, I’ve been slowly, but steadily, going through the Web Development and Design tracks on The Design Fundamentals course is… well, it’s about the fundamentals. What’s a line? What is a shape? Things like that. Important stuff, no doubt, but not exactly engaging.

By the time I got to the section on colour, I was itching to make something. So to shake things up, I took a 2 hour break from the course, and threw together a mock website. The links on the navigation bar change the colour scheme of the whole page. It’s a quick way to see how the different schemes look and feel.

Maybe this might be something useful to toss on a prototype to show a client the same site in a few different colour schemes. Maybe it was just a fun exercise for me. Either way, it was fun, I got some quick and dirty practice in layout, styling, and jQuery, and I got to experiment with colour.

To help pick my colours, I used this handy tool from Sessions College. It might not be the best tool for the job, but it was on the first page of google results when I searched for “Colour theme picker”, and sometimes the right tool is the easiest tool!