I wish that things were so simple.

Things aren’t simple. Everything decision in life requires sacrifice. I don’t believe there are right and wrong decisions, just decisions that lead you down different paths in life.

I’ve had my fair share of negative life experiences, I too have been broke, I’ve had people I’ve loved cheat on me, but on the positive side, when those things happen and you hit rock bottom, there’s only one direction you can go. Up.

You learn from those bad experiences and move on. They make you stronger. There’s a reason they happen even if you can’t see it at the time. In the future you’ll look back on the negative experience and in some way they’ll help you make you who you are.

And the point of this post wasn’t to take stupid risks, it’s to take calculated risks that can lead you down a better path. I’m not saying take risks without having a backup plan, but I am saying if you want something, go after it.