If You are Voting for Jill Stein, Here is What I know About You
Sasha Stone

Convincing no one

By her own logic, she is just as selfish and “uncool” as the Green voters she disparages.

By insulting Green voters’ intelligence and choices, she is cementing their views and will win no one to her cause. She may very well even have alienated someone who could have been convinced by a well-thought out piece arguing without constantly resorting to ad hominem.

Therefore, she’s putting her own self-righteousness and ego ahead of the very thing she claims to want — -to see Trump defeated in November. I understand feeling angry and wanting to call out the people she sees as not doing their part, but Sasha’s doing more harm than good to her cause with her tone.

I am vegan; I believe that a vegan diet and rejection of animal agriculture is the single biggest change a person can make to reduce their carbon footprint and tread lightly on the planet. Sometimes I want to scream when arguing with people, want to insult them and call them names; I know to bite my tongue. More flies are caught with honey than with vinegar, and I know the cause is much bigger than I am. If she truly believed anything she said, she would attempt to staunch the frothing of her mouth when writing her next “think” piece.

Sasha Stone — you know all about Stein supporters; do you know how the electoral college works? You realize then, that certain states always go red while certain other states always go blue. Every registered Green in Oregon could vote for Stein and Hillary would still take the state, and all of our electoral votes. So we aren’t splitting the vote and we aren’t stealing the election.

Now let me play your game: things I know about you.

1) You are so entitled and so privileged that you cannot for a second conceive that you could be wrong about something; indeed, can’t even imagine the existence of other moral systems and opinions which might be equal to yours.

2) You think you are very smart. Your writing and your opinions suggest otherwise, but I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.

3) You think you know what’s better for other people than they do, themselves. This has been a hallmark of the Clinton propaganda/Trump fear machine. To say “you don’t care what happens to people thanks to your vote.” Here’s an idea: give everyone space to decide what they think is best for themselves and their loved ones, and vote accordingly. I personally would like to avoid war with Russia, because a nuclear holocaust will put a damper on the battle against climate change. I also care about the millions of women and children deported by the Obama administration, the Syrians killed yesterday by an American airstrike, and the Libyans who were thrust into chaos after Obama and Ms. Clinton toppled their sovereign state.

But I must be wrong; you know me better than I know myself.

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