Women’s March For Disunity

Today’s marchers had already failed to convince anyone beyond a dense urban sprawl that they own the definitions of our Nation’s shared values or that their means of enforcing these values is just. And yet today these same populations marched with the same assumptions they had three months ago. Because the march wasn’t for “anyone” who stands for human rights, civil liberties, tolerance, diversity, compassion and for those who feel marginalized by our government; it was exclusive to whomever believes in the definitions and views of the enforcement of those values according to the marchers.

Is coerced hiring and firing a just means of achieving equity in the statistical outcome of the average woman’s annual salary? Is a statistical disparity a just means of determining injustice at all?

Shut up and march.

Is there any amount of pity that requires the death of an unborn child?

March, misogynist.

The loss of over one-thousand Democratic seats across the country was a rejection of the political trajectory of the nation, including the strategies that maintained it. Since no reason was given as to why the States should take marching orders from the exact same politic that lost, what could be the outcome of today’s march other than to divide us further?