The Future of Design in Technology
Julie Zhuo

These read less as predictions and more as aspirations for our field. I’m curious to know more about your process coming to these 10 statements beyond the statements themselves. What histories of our cousin industries pushed you to craft these conclusions?

For example it’s quite rare to find any fashion, industrial, or graphic designers within the c-suite today among all industries outside of each of their specific industry. Beyond tech I can’t think of any industry off-hand that employs fashion-background designers in the higher level business thinking. Occasionally we see collaborations between artists like Will.I.Am and large companies, but nearly always they are done for marketing purposes and not serious product development.

In #3 I wonder what momentum you see that would lead you to believe humans will recognize ‘good design’ today any differently than in related industries. Millions of people have access to more ‘stylish’ clothes by designer standards yet they continue to wear polo shirts, khakis, and traditional blouses to work. Millions of people could choose to live in homes more fitting to varied lifestyles yet they choose the cost and scale of cookie-cutter suburban homes. Essentially you’re calling for a mass shift in taste over pure utility when history has nearly always leaned the opposite way.

I hope these criticisms lead to a thoughtful dialogue about the future of our shared industry.