Introducing ItsAlive (beta), the new & easy Facebook Messenger Chatbot Builder for everyone.

100% Facebook Focused, 0% coding
[Edit Sept 2018 : itsAlive 2.0 is now available]

ItsAlive (beta) is a free Facebook Chatbot Builder that everyone can use without any coding knowledge. It’s in beta but the entire process of the Facebook Chatbot creation is available : from creating your first auto-replies to publishing your chatbot on your Facebook page with a simple Facebook connect button.

The Facebook Messenger Chatbot will take place within the direct message section of your Facebook Page. It will be entirely transparent for your users : they’ll just have to tap the “Get Started” button in order to engage with your Chatbot.

The new Chatbot medium opportunity

(already available to everyone)

Chatbots aren’t new. What’s new is that they are now accessible to 1Billion people actively using Facebook Messenger. And what is extraordinary is that a chatbot can thus become an extension of yourself, a new way to share our own tips, opinions, wit, wisdom… This extension of yourself can then be shared privately or available to anyone, anywhere in the world at any time: chatbots litteraly break barriers of time and space.

And as a matter of fact, people are now already looking for new ways to engage, to consume, to interact without needing to download another new App.

Bon Entendeur ChatBot made with (in French)
  • Surprise your community : offer them a new way to be entertained. Games, jokes, GIFs, limit is your creativity…
  • News & updates : Let users subscribe to your bot at any time and deliver the content they want straight in the app they check daily.
  • FAQ : Reply to their inquiries instantaneously. Simply answer the questions people are asking or suggest different topics.
  • Create trust and loyalty : Your Facebook average post reaches less than 5% of your fans. Who doesn’t read their Facebook Messenger messages ?
  • Intimacy : even with a bot, a one-on-one conversation, can be very engaging.

We believe in Chatbots and in People

We want artists, writers, creatives, designers, professional and improvised community managers to seize the Chatbot opportunity without being worried.

We want to inspire people by putting a tool in their hands that can help them take advantage of a new medium that generates conversations and excitement.

Tech companies are making amazing things with Chatbots. We believe the best is yet to come and it might be from somewhere or someone we couldn’t even expect, like a child or a grandpa !

Build your Facebook ChatBot in 4 steps with now

Bon Entendeur ChatBot made with (in French)

Working with agencies and brands

We believe people need to see what can be done in order to get inspired. We are working with agencies that are looking to build Chatbots and giving free advice to anyone who would want to build a bot with Itsalive.. We are also working with brands that want to discover, understand and find news ways to interact with their audience via a chatbot experience

What’s next ?

We are gathering lots of feedback to improve the users’ experiences. We are working on small features that make a difference and developing powerful ones that stay within a simple interface : analytics and insights, controls, libraries…

We are working hard on delivering the functions you need, so please join the conversation.