Introducing the new features

Creating, managing and launching your Facebook Chatbot has never been easier.

Since our beta launch during Lisbon’s websummit our aim has been to listen closely to feedback and improving our product. We believe it is now time to share what we’ve been up to.

All the great Facebook Chatbot features in a friendly interface

Over these past few months we have been focusing on finding the best way to offer as many features as we can whilst keeping it as easy to understand as possible for non-tech people to build Facebook Chatbots for their business.

Top 10 new itsalive features for April 2017 ?

The entire interface has been re-designed and a lot of features have been added here are a few:

1 — RSS Feeds: Copy and paste your RSS feeds to create content automatically

You can use RSS feeds as a trigger or an answer

2 — Quick Replies: You can now add up to 11 quick replies

You can also save quick replies as variables.

3 — Text : Text is now limited to 640 characters.

4 — Add Before / Add After: you can now add content before and after your main recipe answer.

5 — Variables: Save your users’ quick replies and use them as a trigger for another recipe or to customise your conversation. This is a great way to create a quizz or personalized newsfeed.

6 — Subscriptions: Enable your users to subscribe to your recipes in order to send them automatic or manual messages later.

Can send automatically an invitation to your users.

7 — Instant notification: Send content to all your users:

  • People that subscribed to your recipe will receive the message directly as a messenger message.
  • [optionnal] All users who have been talking to your bot will receive an invitation asking them if they would like to subscribe to this recipe(this feature is optional).

Users just neeed to say “unsubscribe” to stop this anytime.

8 — Schedule: Send recurring content (RSS) every day, week or month.

9 — Persistent menu: you can add up to 10 links

10 — Buttons only: Disable the possibility for users to send messages.

A lot more features are on the roadmap, just ask us


FREEMIUM coming soon

We deeply believe Facebook chatbots are the next medium that everyone should be able to benefit from.

We are working closely with brands and agencies looking for a tailored solution to create, manage and publish facebook bots. Premium plans will arrive soon, contact us for more information.