When creating a new project in Android Studio, we see the gradle file has two entries called “compileSdkVersion” and “targetSdkVersion”. It’s set to the latest version by default. Let’s take a look at what they are actually for.

As the name suggests, compileSdkVersion is the version of Android APIs that…

This post focuses on the Android side of creating a Cordova plugin.

How does a Cordova plugin work?

In a nutshell, Cordova provides a bridge between JavaScript and native code, enabling you to write native code that gets exposed to your Cordova app via a common JavaScript interface.

Each method…

This post is about using the Android platform provided trust store to validate an X509Certificate.

First, you need to get an instance of TrustManagerFactory.

String defAlgo=TrustManagerFactory.getDefaultAlgorithm();
TrustManagerFactory tmf = TrustManagerFactory.getInstance(defAlgo);

Then you need to initialise it. This can be done by calling

tmf.init((KeyStore) null); //use default platform set of trusted…

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