I Have Reached A Milestone

So I just made a quick check on my posts and I realised I have been writing consistently for 11 weeks. In fact, this is my 12th consistent post. Wow, Three whole months!
Some may be thinking that this is an easy feat and some may be excited as I am that I have reached this far. The truth is sometimes it’s very hard for me to follow through on stuff that requires consistency. I easily get bored. When I get bored apathy sets in. Then I become restless for something else and slowly move away.

I’m still not sure if this restlessness is a bad thing. I mean look at what restlessness did for Richard Branson and the Virgin brand. I’m just not too sure if it’s so much of a good thing.

I don’t like being still. I appreciate solitude and rejuvenation in silence but after a while, I need to move on. Get a new high. Find another adrenaline rush, something to be passionate about. I love taking risks and jumping off cliffs (Thankfully not real cliffs. For some reason, this freaks me out more than sky diving) and finding out where the path seldom taken goes.
I absolutely love adventure and appreciate where this new blog is going. It feels like a new adventure and that, of course, comes with a new set of challenges; chief of which for me is consistency.

I don’t want to churn out content for churning out content sake, because I firmly believe in quality over quantity. So I guess if I ever feel like that is being compromised, I will take a little break and come back better.

I really do appreciate you sticking with me throughout this journey. Thank you for joining me down the unknown path. I don’t know where it’s going, but let’s find out together.

Until We Meet Again,

ps: I know I should totally treat myself as a reward for reaching this milestone… Red velvet cake anyone? wink.